Thursday, January 21, 2010

Partner Snapshot: GroundWire

Let’s face it: We all have times where we just need someone to talk to. Unfortunately, we don’t always have someone who is willing to listen. Maybe we have questions and just need answers. Maybe we feel stuck and need hope for the future. For those of us at My Broken Palace, it is our desire that in these moments we can direct you towards someone worth talking to.

One ministry that MBP has partnered with is called Groundwire. The goal of Groundwire is to be a place where people can bring their questions, doubts, and pains, and receive honest answers from someone they can trust. Groundwire offers spiritual coaches who will chat online with you at no cost, and without the dangers that come with online chat rooms and social networking sites.

Need someone to talk to? Talk to someone you can trust.

Check out for more details!

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